DM 60

60m Laser Distance Meter with area/volume calculations, bi axis spirit level, data storage and clear OLED display

  • Pocket type. 
  • Area/volume calculations
  • Clear display for better readability from all angles. 
  • Historical data review. 
  • Bi-axis spirit bubble for checking level. 


This meter can be used to calculate distance, area, volume, and pythagorean distance in different units. Used in construction sites, floor planning, room area calculations and realtor industry.

Measuring Principle:

A Laser Distance Meter sends out a pulse of laser light to the target and detects the reflection. The meter then measures the time between those two events, and converts this to a distance.  

ModelMetrix+ DM 60
Measuring modeSingle and Continuous(max/min)
Measuring range0.05 ~ 60m
Accuracy(Standard Deviation)±2.0mm 
Measuring unitsDistance : m, ft, in
Area : m2, ft2
Volume : m3, ft3
Laser Type620 – 690nm,  Class II, <1mW
Single Measurement time0.25s
Other functionalitiesArea, Volume, Pythagoras measurements
Switchable measuring reference, 
Silence function, 
Battery power indication
Historical data review20 groups of data
Auto switch offLaser : 30s
Instrument : 180s
Operating temperature0 to 40℃
Storage Temperature-20 to 65℃
Dimensions and weight110mm×46mm×25mm ; 72g(without batteries)
Batteries2 x AAA 1.5V ; >5000 times working time(fully charged)
Standard AccessoriesLaser distance meter, carrying case, batteries, technical manual.
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