"H" Fuji

This is an analog tachometer which can measure RPM of a rotating shaft or peripheral speed without requiring any special stopwatch. Easy to use with excellent accuracy.


As soon as a suitable contact tip attached to the meter is pressed lightly to the rotating shaft center, spindle is turned. When the button on the top is pressed and released, the spring is charged, the clock operates, and the pointers revolve, automatically stopping at certain scale points to show RPM of the measured machine.


This tachometer contains a revolution counter and a time clock in a single mechanism and RPM or peripheral speed is automatically indicated, without requiring any special stopwatch, by 3 seconds after the operation push button being pressed. Easy to use with excellent accuracy.


1 Concave rubber contact tip, 1 Convex rubber contact tip, 1 Wheel(pulley) for peripheral speed measuring, 1 Spare rubber contact tip, complete with FUJI calibration certificate. All in complete Aluminum body 

Exclusive distributor of FUJI Analog Tachometer in India

Model “H” FUJI
Measuring range 0 – 10,000 RPM
Long pointer 1 rev = 1,000 RPM (10 p.m. / unit scale)
Short pointer 1 rev = 10,000 RPM (1000 rpm / unit scale)
Peripheral speed 1 rev = 100 m (1 m / unit scale)
Peripheral speed 1 rev = 1000 m (100 m / unit scale)
Accuracy 2% of indicated scale
Scale plate diameter 58 mm
Size w/o attachment 87 x 113 x 25 mm (W x L x H)
Net weight 300g
Size of case 97 x 180 x 30 mm (W x L x H)
Gross Weight 450g
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