Surfprof 09

Flexible probe surface profile gauge to measure peak-to-valley height of blast cleaned surfaces

  • Flexible probe with tough tungsten carbide probe tip.
  • Meets the international standards for profile testing.
  • Average value measurement.
  • Optional PC interface for real time data logging


Measuring and recording surface profile is important and determining factor in the application of coatings for its optimal performance. This is useful in all industries, like automotive, metal forming, forging, castings, etc. who work with coatings and blast cleaned surfaces, to make sure that surface profile is within admissible range.

Measuring Principle:

This instrument uses a tough tungsten carbide tip, which gets pressed on the material surface, to give the peak-to-valley distance, the surface profile height of the surface. Its like a depth micrometer with a probe tip for finer and accurate measurement. 


Metrix+ Surfprof 09


ASTMD-4417-B, IMOMSC.215(82), SANS5772, US Navy NSI 009-32, US Navy PPI-63101-000.

Measuring range

0 ~ 800um


+5% or +5um (whichever is greater)


0.1um (<100um), 1um (100 ~ 800um)


Tungsten carbide tip, inductance type principle of measurement

Tip life

The tungsten carbide can last up to 20,000 readings and can be easily replaced by user in field. Cost per test is significantly lower than other test methods


4 x 1.5V AAA batteries

Working conditions

Temperature : 0 ~ 50oC ; Humidity : <80% RH


126 x 65 x 28mm

Standard accessories

Main unit, cable probe, sample plate, operational manual, gift box packing

Optional accessories

PC interface

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