Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Meter to measure 1 ~ 200mm

  • With high power of emission and broad band of receiving sensitivity, the gauge can match probes of different frequencies.  
  • Inbuilt self-calibrator and simple calibration function. 
  • Automatic power off. 

Based on ultrasonic measuring principle, thickness of metal and other materials can be measured. So, it can monitor the degree of thinning, caused by corrosion, of all kinds of tubes and pressure vessels during working process, and accurately measure the thickness of all kinds of plates and processing parts. This gauge is applied widely in fields, such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, shipbuilding, aerospace industry, etc. 

Measuring principle:

Ultrasonic thickness gauge determines the sample thickness by measuring the amount of time it takes for a sound pulse, generated by an ultrasonic transducer, to travel through a test piece and reflect from the inside surface or a far wall. 

Measuring range as per #45 Steel

Model Metrix+ UTM 5
Display Backlit LCD
Measuring range 1 – 200mm (45# Steel)
Accuracy ±0.5%n + 0.1mm
Resolution  0.1mm
Sound Velocity 500 ~ 9000 m/s
Operating conditions 0 ~ 40oC, Humidity < 80%
Power  1.5V x 4 AAA(UM 4) batteries
Size & weight 145 x 65 x 25mm ; 145g without battery
Standard Accessories Ultrasonic sensor, oil, user manual & hard carry case
Optional accessories PC interface, Bluetooth
Optional probes 1.      PT-06mm for small & curved surface/pipes
2.      PT-08mm Standard probe
3.      PT HT Ceramic probe for high temperature surfaces
4.      Calibration step block
Catalogue: Catalogue

Every material has its own sound velocity, by which the sound propagates through that medium. For accurate thickness readings, the exact sound velocity has to be set before measuring. A few velocities for materials is already preset as below:

Code Material
CD01 Steel
CD02 Cast iron
CD03 Aluminium
CD04 Red Copper
CD05 Brass
CD06 Zinc
CD07 Quartz glass
CD08 Polyethylene
CD10 Gray cast iron
CD11 Nodular cast iron
XXXX Manual velocity set

In case your material is not present, please manually set the velocity(after CD 11 code) with the up and down buttons and press 'select' to set.