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SL 4001

Digital Sound Level meter with A & C weightings, upto 135dB measuring range and analog bar graph.

DT 2234BL

Non-contact photo tachometer with measuring range upto 99999RPM

MM 2A+

Digital Moisture Meter for wood and wood construction material, with measuring range upto 70%

VM 8200P

Pen type probe vibration meter with simple operation

DT 2239

Digital Stroboscope with fine tuning and measuring range upto 12,000 FPM

DIT 918

Economical Digital Insulation Tester with test range upto 2.5kV


Digital Moisture Meter for wood and wood fibre construction, with inbuilt probe and separate long pin probe

VM 8200+

Digital Vibration Meter with measuring range upto 200mm/s and wide frequency range in acceleration mode

CD 1

Economical pen type line voltage tester with range 90V ~ 1000V AC