WD 09

WD 09 is a wall detector to detect metal (steel bars, copper pipes) and cables hidden in walls, ceilings and floors; wooden beams, metal and cables under plasterboard.


  • Detect and locate metals(magnetic and non-magnetic), AC live wires and wooden materials inside walls, ceilings, plasterboards, plywood, etc.
  • High definition TFT display with intuitive user interface
  • 3 level sensitivity adjustment
  • Positioning hole design to mark areas, helpful for drilling applications
  • Display helps in centering to the target detection area, with indicator lights
  • Portable and ergonomic to carry with pouch included in the box
  • Manual in Hindi and English languages!
  • Universal Type C charging


Metrix+ WD 09

Detection type

Metal Detection- Magnetic metals (steel bars, rebars, iron, etc), non-magnetic metals (wires, copper pipes, etc)

Cable Detection (AC live wires)

Wooden Detection (wooden studs, wood rails, light steel joists, nails, conduits, other foreign objects, behind plasterboard walls,

bare wood floors, plywood, coated wood walls) (wooden detection cannot detect objects in concrete, mortar, blocks, bricks, carpets,

foil-faced materials, metal surfaces, tiles, glass or any other dense materials)

Detection depths

Ferrous metals: 120mm

Non-ferrous metals(copper, etc): 100mm

AC wires: 50mm

Single stranded copper wire (>4mm2): 40mm

Other foreign objects(usually wooden materials): 38mm

Detection indications

Detection depth distance in main display with prompts for detection strength, light indication and sound indication

Working conditions

Temperature: -10 ~ 50°C

Humidity: 0 ~ 85% (metal mode), 0 ~ 60% (foreign object mode), 0 ~ 30% (AC wire mode)


3.7V 300mAh, ~2hrs continuous usage time


138 x 68 x 22mm

Auto shutdown time

5mins of no activity

Standard accessories

Main unit, manual, charging cable, pouch; gift box packing

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Full Operational Video: