Gloss Meters

Accurate Gloss Meters for Reliable Surface Measurement

Metrix Instrument provides a wide range of high-precision gloss meters designed to deliver accurate and consistent gloss measurements for various surfaces. Our gloss meters are essential for industries such as automotive, coatings, and manufacturing, where surface finish and appearance are critical quality parameters. With advanced technology and easy-to-use features, our gloss meters ensure precise readings, helping you maintain the aesthetic quality and consistency of your products. Whether you need to measure gloss on paint, plastics, metals, or other materials, Metrix Instrument offers the perfect solution. Explore our collection of gloss meters and enhance your surface quality control processes.

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Multi angle digital gloss meter with measuring range up to 2000GU and one-button operation

GLS 09

60° Gloss meter with measuring range upto 200GU.


Multi angle Digital gloss meter with measuring range uptp 200GU