Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges for Accurate Material Measurement

Metrix Instrument offers a comprehensive range of high-precision ultrasonic thickness gauges designed to deliver accurate and reliable thickness measurements for a variety of materials. Our ultrasonic thickness gauges are essential tools for industries such as manufacturing, construction, and maintenance, where precise thickness measurements are critical for ensuring safety and quality. Equipped with advanced ultrasonic technology and user-friendly interfaces, our gauges provide consistent and precise results, making them suitable for both field and laboratory applications. Whether you need to measure the thickness of metals, plastics, ceramics, or other materials, Metrix Instrument has the perfect solution for your needs. Explore our collection of ultrasonic thickness gauges and enhance your measurement capabilities.

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Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Meter to measure 1 ~ 300mm with user-friendly menu interface and type C charging


Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Meter to measure 1 ~ 200mm


Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Meter to measure 0.9 ~ 350mm

UTG 27

Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Meter to measure 0.75 ~ 400mm with sturdy metal body and better resolution


Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Meter with multi-mode to measure 0.65 ~ 600mm(#45 Steel) in normal mode and 3 ~ 60mm in through coating (echo-echo) mode with data storage and backlit LCD.


Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with through coating measurement and A-scan and B-scan functions.