Environmental Testers

Portable instruments to measure wind speed, flow, temperature, sound level, light intensity, humidity and similar environmental parameters.

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SL 4001

Digital Sound Level meter with A weighting, upto 130dB measuring range and analog bar graph, rugged body, Type C charging


This meter can be used to measure the environmental or ambient temperature and humidity. It can also show the dew point and wet bulb temperatures.

LX 1336A

Flexible sensor Lux Meter with measuring range upto 5L lux

SL 4005

Digital Sound Level meter with A, C & F weightings, upto 130dB measuring range and built in calibration mode.

AVM 05

Separate sensor digital anemometer to measure wind speed upto 45m/s, air flow and air temperature.

HT 9

Temperature and Humidity meter with wet bulb temperature measurement

TH 01

Indoor temperature and humidity display with clock, alarm and date features in a table-top design

DT 305S

Digital Thermometer with K-type thermocouple as measuring sensor with measuring range upto 250°C