Hardness Testers

Reliable Hardness Testers for Accurate Material Measurement

Metrix Instrument offers a comprehensive range of hardness testers designed to deliver accurate and reliable measurements for various materials. Our hardness testers are essential tools for industries such as manufacturing, construction, and quality control, where precise hardness measurements are critical for ensuring product durability and performance. Featuring advanced technology and easy-to-use interfaces, our hardness testers provide consistent and precise results, making them ideal for both laboratory and field applications. Whether you need to test the hardness of metals, plastics, or other materials, Metrix Instrument has the right solution for you. Explore our selection of hardness testers and enhance your material testing capabilities.

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Pen type ultra portable leeb hardness tester with measuring range 170 ~ 960 HLD

Hardmaster P

Leeb Hardness Tester with range 170 ~ 960 HLD, convertible to other scales, clear dot matrix display and inbuilt calibration process.


Shore A Rubber Hardness Tester with backlit display.


Shore D Rubber Hardness Tester with backlit display