Surface Roughness Testers

Precision Surface Roughness Testers for Accurate Surface Measurement

At Metrix Instrument, we offer a diverse range of high-precision surface roughness testers designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements for various surfaces. Our surface roughness testers are indispensable tools for industries such as manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace, where surface finish quality is paramount. Equipped with advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces, our testers ensure precise and consistent surface roughness readings, aiding in quality control and process optimization. Whether you need to measure the roughness of metals, plastics, or other materials, Metrix Instrument has the ideal solution for your needs. Explore our selection of surface roughness testers and improve your surface measurement capabilities.

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Surfprof 09

Flexible probe surface profile gauge to measure peak-to-valley height of blast cleaned surfaces

Surftest 10

Separate, flexible probe Surface Roughness Tester with measuring range Ra upto 10um.

Microsurf 10A

Integrated probe compact Surface Roughness Tester with measuring range Ra upto 16um.